jesus mercy what is in that arkansas water? // herein is my love obsession with another nichols brother's brain

to appear in a SAM ACE poem is a magical thing I have not words for

busy week / school starts tmrw! bless!

love to Dutch - legendary writer & coolest man in the room

thank you, Kathy. I will keep this letter close to my heart always.

making of a garden


ralph sent the lightning pic from tucson - i bet the ponies were scared // sean munro passed along the frank standford poem below

big thanks to the coley's crew for helping me with my move to nola

it is official - thank you Bruce Covey! - i am very happy Lions goes to Coconut

gimme something of my new home / filled with a lightness / everything too hot for, malaise / and your mama's good looking / don't you cry


moving moving goodbye georgia fresh in town nola home

genius sesame street, genius.