it is official - thank you Bruce Covey! - i am very happy Lions goes to Coconut

This is Coconut’s biggest announcement ever!!!! We are beyond beyond-thrilled to announce the following books!!!!

The winners of the Elizabeth P. Braddock Prize for 2013 (to be published spring 2014) are:

Jennifer Tamayo, You Da One &
Shelly Taylor, Lions, Remonstrance

The winners of the Joanna Cargill Prize for 2013 (to be published fall 2014) are:

Alexis Pope, More No Good &
Tyler Gobble, More Wreck More Wreck

Equally exciting & forthcoming from Coconut:

K. Lorraine Graham, Meta Horror (Spring 2015)
Leopoldine Core, And Satisfaction (Spring 2015)
Carina Finn, Invisible Reveille (Fall 2014)
Emily Toder, Backfire (Spring 2014)
Andrea Rexilius, Séance (chapbook; Spring 2014)

Subscriptions for this fall (with titles by prizewinners Steven Karl, Jiyoon Lee, Lauren Ireland, and Alexis Orgera) will be available soon!!!

And Amber Nelson’s book should be out soon too!!!

Many, many, many thanks to everyone who submitted to our open reading period and contests!!! We’re so sorry we can’t publish more great titles!!! Altogether we had over 400 incredible entries!!! Poets who had been finalists and semi-finalists will be notified via email over the next couple of weeks.