to appear in a SAM ACE poem is a magical thing I have not words for

here is the poem Sam passed along, published in Amsterdam's Versal No. 11:  click here to go to Versal's site & buy the issue

I’m a dirty now
Samuel Ace © 2013

Begin message:

From:  L
Subject:  I'm a dirty now and it feels like a trash heap no the suburbs and the green and the rug the pretty oriental and the blue stairs up the careful wood rail I climb now in the clean heaven-white paint the sit little man in the clear clever air that settles in the drawer and the nubby bedspread too white to hide in the dark where the dirty dirty and dust I’m a dirty now and don't have time to climb any more stairs really there‘s no more time to for this republic this shirt this ear I stare at and want to eat well maybe that's where I should inhabit and should stop waiting to dig under the pachysandra to cry through the coonsie games because it’s time to be here rifled time to be here in body here in the unimagined to sing like the blow on your hearty hair to sing like Shelly’s loamy Georgia earth I'm a dirty now and itching fumes too wary but I will go back undestined and walk into the miles-long forest where the thrush follows and I will find a reed and sit down in the snow next to that little gurgly creek I don't even see but smell so don’t prevent me from going back don’t throw me out rounding first don't feather and curtain the doll with crib death don’t take refusal as a guide say yes I will whisper whisper there's no more time I want to see you held in hunger held in little rent

Date:  July 15 7:51:02 PM MST