gestation & all that follows living

i get excited about things ending & things beginning.  ending: this book of mine, this four year ordeal, will be in my hands in a month's time, give or take a few days.  this brings happiness/elation & finishes out a major part of living so i can start anew--a new book in a fresh way, new section of living.  life measured in books.  those lion years done.  the experience of working with bruce covey & the fine folks at coconut books has been exceptional.  i know i'm in good hands & i know this will be a good-looking book.  also in the mix of things rounding out towards final is abe & my anthology.  a month or more & we should be ready to hand it over to lost roads press.  i couldn't be more excited.  this will probably we the last anthology i ever edit, as it's a ton of work.  more than i ever thought, that, then times it by ten.  also: up in the air is my job.  loyola is cutting down from seven full-time instructors to three, & i'm up against wonderful teachers who have been at loyola for years & years.  it's hard, probably most so in that i can do nothing but wait.  & so i must. for a another two weeks or so.  i'm loving my students this semester; i'd hate to have to go.

office hours selfie

jim wrote this week to ask how the ponies are in argentina, lol.

winter time makes me want to cook/eat casseroles