shelly & abe's awp TREE reading / get yr ass out the book fair (or bar) & come join us on sat afternoon / random tree location tba

  • under such a thing as a tree: tba
  • talkin off site? talkin nigh not up a tree! altho i may shimmy up and confetti bucolic mewling on down!

    this, dear friends, is the third at random ad hoc what the hellll annual arboreal warble brought to you by friends to every weepin willow that ever was, smithy & co.

    first year shelly taylor & i froze pretty well out under a mossy ol inverted octopus of a tree. it mightcould have been that the resplendent ol christopher deweese unleashed a ditty there too...

    last year adrian kien moi michael shea et al turned the snows to.. well.. the snows seemed a little unimpressed but i tell you this: strangers were healed or heeled their hounds: & somewhere a statue of emerson did a lil 'involuntary perception' grinny grin grin..

    jeepers this year i shorely hope ye'll join us: each year we get a few more gentlefolks to step outside the book faire zombie shuffle: let this be yr year: art thou a purl in a creek to no new landfillia? or art thou a pearl ehh?

    know this: on friday i'll wag an update to this event page as to the where: i'll talk a map to get you there!

    AND: KNOW: THIS: shelly taylor & i'll yowl a poem (as we have new books out): And know this!!!: a few heroes of our forthcoming (lost roads press) HICK POETICS anthology will read a ditty or two: annnnnd furthermore Know This: we ask you kindly to bring along yr own poem: yes you too! you lung-cast upwards a poemski into the blossoming or clearing-its-throat-pre-blossom treeeee:

    this event shall bee rain mist shine or gullywasher: all folks made entirely of sugar are forewarned

    xoxoxx, smithereens