happenings post-weekend

this was sweet-kitsch just like all Wes Anderson flicks

Jacques the neighborhood peacock : only in NOLA

Jacques + gato 

Gordon's new book is just now released:  get it!

Love walks with death, death with love; the two intensify each other's existence. These two books urged from the same visceral human pool are starred with identical sibling markings, deep set eyes, monkey mouths, dazzling corneas. The two are one in voice and form, one fingerprint, one long song. They are made to be known together for they are not, in fact, separate. Death creates love, love satiates death, and therefore, these two books, LOVE & DEATH, cannot breathe without each other. Gordon Massman wants you to read them both, not separately, but overlappingly, one from LOVE one from DEATH, like playing cards in shuffling hands. Only then with Love covered by Death covered by Love covered by Death can meaning be found. This is the way to understand the crucible of existence.