from that which you can get around / best

tulane made good

How to tell a true war story? / "So it’s not surprising that the new war literature is intensely interested in the return home." -Packer

uncle jim in the atlantic / "people push that piece of shit on their kids even now" lol

we are very romantic people

three hours of beach time / severe sunburn / every aloe plant in the backyard put to work / ONE WEEK OF SCHOOL LEFT


SB 14

i knew geena davis was an icon of mine for good reason: meet (if you haven't already) the GEENA DAVIS INSTITUTE ON GENDER IN MEDIA / we talk a lot about this stuff in my comp classes / is super important life mission stuff for me / ENJOY!

i want love to roll me over slowly

NTNL PO MONTH : support PO!

trobar sat oxford miss miss

the willow's million arms catching wind these things, she says, only happens in this yard

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