lions review / interview in 'the tavern lantern' / blog of literary orphans (will be reposted here as well in next issue) / big thank you to mike joyce for such a thoughtful review of the work / love it

how amazing is my sister as the sexy new hamstar? so proud of my rouch!

these days of happy / end of summer

love love the magic of hanging out with selah + kristen + frankie / having my cards read by selah / full on laughter

this is what a hick po sunset looks like / abe & i sent our book off to lost roads! / go hick po go!

my friend nishta (whose book i arrived at my house yesterday) wrote this open letter to her son, shiv : / it gets me. i have a hard time thinking straight when the world goes this mad / here & globally / looking forward to talking about all this with my new crop of freshmen in a week / they help me make sense

all has been bumble / hick po deadline of aug 15 / erstwhile it rains & friends help you out & i got my girl nishta mehra's first book in the mail / congrats, lady! so excited to read!

i really really liked linklater's boyhood / watch the trailer

thank you thank you thank you

i had a hick po weekend mostly / work work work work deadline of aug 15 / so excited and super proud of this big book abe & i have created

friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday / just found out i will be teaching 4 classes at the U this fall / love you tucson

gettin out / & back in / town / delite delite