she lost said baby 
the coop that red gave baby crowed right the dawn 
right the daybreak, scramble a ridge
your own temple to find, what's the word
rifling, calf-turned, or shot through
i got her there, held her tightly
save remembrance
never was hers or mine, some granny-
raised thing her absentia, some kind of
tree line, how things roll past holy trinity
mine & jesus, mine & 
just breaks you hold hold
her little body
she can grow too the wind
shackles shadows in a rock town
man town of ropes
fingers every holster man
snap fingers along embrace
every sandy-haired had dreams
& me too, all boat, pony, boat
a fastback meditative wonder you get those
little legs you go under so fast
& through--
you were gonna be that boy & 
I reckon you are, also the monsoon far off south
& also the lion & her & her 
goes the crow from that far up that ledge

auto from hiking with abe, tanque verde falls, oct 31