best advice and pen pal / mentor

Hey Taylor, you lament that Lions, Remonstrance tanked but A. you are an exceptionally wonderful writer, B. all poetry books tank, and C. our era has made a mockery of the word and practice of poetry. I can no longer look at it, the poetry culture, must avert my eyes from the big top circus it is. All one need do is listen to the readers' angry cackle at the AWP, is experience the AWP itself with its thousands of Yeats's, Eliot's, Ginsburg's, and Rich's spilling through doorways with their superior IQs. They're poetry careerists, sold The Lie by their respective MFA departments, those singular profitable oases floating in the hopelessly impoverished liberal arts programs of the collective American academy. Of the hundreds of poets I've read over the past few years you are one of perhaps ten I think worthy of the name poet. That is because I believe poetry called you, or more accurately, bit into your back like a panther commanding you to write it off if it takes a lifetime. It may or may not but I think you write for survival, not fame. That means tank or not you will write until you kill it, your panther. I killed my panther. I am light and free. My god book blew it away and now I am free to love. God may not get published but I hardly care anymore. If I continue to write it will be soft and for me alone. 

Anyway, hang in there old girl. Try not to fight life; it will sweep you in its current anyway.