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Peaches: The Yes-Girl by Shelly Taylor (2008)

Peaches: The Yes-Girl
Shelly Taylor
Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs
Brooklyn, NY

I meant to write about this chapbook several months ago but it got lost in my many stacks of things, unfortunately. What prompted my interest in writing about this chapbook is that I went to Ms. Taylor's website and she lists this chapbook as "out-of-print". Well, I have a copy of that was just, it is right....somewhere, and that somewhere kept not appearing anywhere. Bother!

The chapbook was published by the incredible Brenda Iijima at her Portable Press. The work is likely good, a mix of poems and prose poems. Great starting point, as with every poet; first books are in some ways the most unique. It's the starting point. Needle on the record, first sound - first rush. Amen.