tende rloin poetry journal / new work + video by joe novelli + interview (below)

photo by Ralph Wong


interviewed by Jenn Marie Nunes 

and Mel Coyle

Jenn & MelWhat’s scarier: the outside coming in or the inside coming out?

Shelly TaylorAmerica is problematic.  Outside is all job.  Inside is honeycomb.  Inside com[go]ing out is to hustle:  (v) Roxette’s mantra of “you know she’s a little bit …, she’s got what it takes…” you must, lest you fall back and stay inside all day; can I?; the world went and got itself in a big damn hurry (Shawshank); them girls is now a-workin’ the street and even more than; always has been.  Got to go to work now!  Work:  (n) to pillage or leave off yourself; in bar layman’s terms, as is the case of the weekend, you best get your dollars out; life:  one dollar at a time!  Inside:  clawfoot tub, harmonious melody-y-y.  

Jenn & MelWhat sign was your poetry born under? 

Shelly TaylorThat Cancerian moon that hung so low.

Jenn & Mel: Go outside and spin around until you fall down. Then describe the relationship between the earth and sky.

Shelly TaylorIs like to be seasick; you will never recover but you will shop frivolously on-line for shoes you will gift yourself with special messages to yourself; gifts for days, the earth, the sky, new shoes.

Jenn & Mel: A lot of voices in your poetry move but don’t seem to leave. What keeps them?

Shelly Taylor“You cain’t never get by where you from girl.”  

Jenn & Mel: What’s the first thing you remember learning that you didn’t want to know?

Shelly TaylorBlue Smurf guitar, red and white oilcloth tablecloth:  something of leaving.

Jenn & MelGive a list of 5 possible titles for the movie version of these poems. Then reject them.

Shelly TaylorMaking Time, aka Knockin’ Sugar in the Gourd; Jesus and the Penny-Gatherers, Babies in the River-Sun; Shine on, Byzantium!, aka How Sugar Got Her Honeycomb Back; Olde Pueblo Singsong, aka Better Watch Out For Those Man-Eating Jackrabbit and That Killer Cacti; Blossom and the Cherryscope The Ladies Don’t Mind.  I reject them.

Jenn & MelShare your second most secret hiding spot for your gold.

Shelly TaylorOak tree, Bridgetown, Ga, unincorporated, mason jar/sss, if you’re lucky.

Jenn & MelWho’s the boss of the horse?

Shelly TaylorNobody I ever found.

Jenn & Mel: Is place a person, or are people a place?

Shelly TaylorThe land is birthright, you do so love fields; the moon, your doldrum lover; dirt roads are Peacock; Carter’s is chicken; home, mama.

Jenn & MelWho are your best sweethearts right now?   

Shelly TaylorThe Green Bay Packers.