it's a beautiful baby. congrats, abe! all the best love and light for ashagalomancy!


by Abraham Smith

ISBN: 9780989804882
Release Date: November 2015
“if anything i will go against the heart
as a drowned ear as a third dais to
venerate caw caw if anything the heart
is a campfire it tends to take a skill to tending
tho there is this beginner’s luck
about how this and that lean
you can’t just throw it all on there
why not that broken shovel handle too”
“For over a decade, Abraham Smith has been pouring out into the night of American poetry a brilliantly made, variegated song. Smith’s jangling, brainy, tonically surprising and lyrically cornucopic work is undoubtedly influential but ultimately inimitable. In this his fourth book, Smith confects an entire mythic system, singing into existence a universe made of the ruins of the last one, whatever’s lying around the yard. Ashagalomancy shows us the poet at the height of his powers, a poet of reach, tenderness, ambition, a gimlet eye and a vatic voice.”
— Johannes Göransson