end of the year nostalgia

this one is not a new song but it got me through this year when i needed it.

this got me by in new orleans.  i listened to it often.  between classes in my office.  all the time, really.  i always play music at the beginning of every class--just 5-7 mins of music.  i still play this on days now when struggling.  only my fav students get it, that it's a day that i need this one song.

this can help you get out of town.

this can light a fire under your ass.

this is forever the reckoner.

leveler.  forever.

best.  about his papa.

rouch and i only vote on country music at the end of the year.  we are still two country girls.  endless are the bad songs.  endless. there are few favs.  this is mine from this year.