Tom McGuane on Jim Harrison for the New Yorker

"To the end, Jim was a country boy who’d been touched."

We loved him and will so greatly miss him.  There will never be another one like him.

from Jim Harrison's Dalva, pg. 13

Dear Son!  I am being honest but not honest enough.  Once up in Minnesota I saw a three-legged bobcat, a not quite whole bobcat with one leg lost to a trap.  There is the saw about cutting the horse's leg off to get him in a box.  The year it happened to me the moon was never quite full.  Is the story always how we tried to continue our lives as if we had once lived in Eden?  Eden is the childhood still in the garden, or at least the part of it we try to keep there.  Maybe childhood is a myth of survival for us.  I was a child until fifteen, but most others are far more truncated.