This is fantastic!

A doctor who became sick of having to go into a hospital waiting room to tell family members that she did everything that she possibly could have done to save their lives.

It is heartbreaking because their deaths were preventable if their child or parent would have been wearing a seatbelt.

Teens and the elderly are at the highest risk for accidents.

I am glad to see a program like this in effect.

Congratulations to the doctor and Toyota!

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It is nice to read about positive changes.

Thanks for sharing.

汽车制造商有这样的精彩计划。几年前,我曾经在大众汽车上工作,我们与母亲们进行了一个很棒的计划,反对酒后驾车。我们有一个年轻女子在与醉酒司机发生碰撞后失去了腿,她会和一群学生谈谈。她正常正常穿着假肢,所以她出去舞台,开始谈论自己的事故,与一群无聊的高中生,他们没有看到任何问题。他们不会引起很多关注,直到她击中麦克风的腿上 - 克隆!对他们的影响是令人难以置信的。

I'll bet a lot of those kids still remember that presentation today, and that was 30 years ago.

We also had Audi under our banner, and we had to teach people how to drive all over again when the whole unintended acceleration thing first happened in 1986. People don't understand that cars are mechanically unable to just take off on their own without input from the driver, so we had a lot of issues with older people crashing through their garage doors when the car "magically" decided to take off.
You can thank Audi for designing the lock that keeps you from putting your car in gear without having your foot on the brake.

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