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review:  Dec 2016 / by Abby Minor / The Fourth River

shout out:  May 9, 2016 / by David Mucklow / Colorado Review, "Finding Solace in Anthologies"

review:  Feb 2016 / by Michael Dennis / Today's Book of Poetry Blog

review:  Dec 2015 - Issue 31 / by Zach Groesbeck / Front Porch Journal

shout out:  Mar 19, 2015 / Real Pants "By the Cover", Shanna ComptonOne of my favorite unboxings in the last couple weeks has been for the new Lost Roads anthology edited by Shelly Taylor and Abraham Smith, Hick Poetics. The cover is not only graphically effective, it’s also metaphorical and slyly witty. I expect many of the poems will be too.

review:  March 20, 2014  /  by Paul Cunningham / THE FANZINE  

interview:  July 15, 2014  /  by Erica Wright  /  "Shelly Taylor:  Shattered Language"  /  Guernica Daily

review/interview:  August 27, 2014  /  by Mike Joyce  /  Literary Orphans + blog "The Tavern Lantern"

review:  November 2014  /  by Henrietta Goodman  /  Cutbank online review

shout out:  October 27, 2014  /  Noo Journal, Editor Notes by Lauren Ireland (on Lions):  "Beauty is terror, said Aristotle of Stagira. OK, said Shelly Taylor, here are some terrifying poems. But you have to keep your eyes open to read them—no dead reckoning for you, because this is uncharted territory. You should let Shelly read them to you. Just follow her voice."

interview:  October 26, 2015  /  by Jon Riccio  /  "Alumna Leonine"  /  Sonora Review online

shout out:   Feb 2, 2015 / Kristina Marie Darling on Rob Mclennan's blog  / What was the last great book you read?   The last great book I read was Shelly Taylor's Black-Eyed Heifer.  I've always admired poetry collections that create their own rules, their own syntax, and their own worlds.  Shelly Taylor has done all that and more.  It's a beautiful book, and one that I'd definitely recommend.  

review:  March 22, 2014  /  by Joy Von III in Three Sentence Review

review:  April 3, 2013  /  by Nathan Hauke in The Drunken Boat / "What I'm reading now"

review:  January 4, 2013  /  FACT-SIMILE 8

review:  Oct 4, 2011  /  by Geoffrey Olsen, EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts

interview:  June 11, 2011  /  with Bill Wetzel / "Something on Something" / OpEd News

shout out:  Coldfront names Heifer one of the Top 30 Poetry Books of 2010 / #6 of the debut collections.

review:  March 30, 2011  /  by John Findura, H.O.W. Journal--Art and Literature

review:  Jan 3, 2011 /  by Dane Hamann, TriQuarterly Online

review: Winter 2010  /  by Eric Weinstein, Prick of the Spindle

interview:  with Kristen Nelson / "No Sugar from the Southerner" / Trickhouse / vol. 8, Spring 2010

review:  April 13, 2010  /  by Jake Levine, Sonora Review

shout out:  Tim (TRACE) Peterson blog /"Giving New Poetry Its Due: Writers and Readers Gather for Poets House Annual Showcase and Readings" / July 01, 2010 / "Black-Eyed Heifer by Shelly Taylor who writes as if she has a direct line connecting her to the duende itself."

** The University of Arizona Poetry Center / August 2010 Newsletter / on process and the writing of Black-Eyed Heifer