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Above article provides some good information. United Health care will not be paying caregivers who are friends moving in I do not believe, but the insurance information number is on the back of your United Healthcare Insurance card to ask them. Medicaid and Medicare have the same number, 1-800-medicare, and a good web site for you to explore.
It is unlikely that anyone can get adequate pay enough to do in home care, and unfortunately the Forum sees a lot of stories of people who move in to render care and end up being homeless and jobless and out of the job market, with having great difficulties moving back into the job world and housing market.
Wishing you good luck on your research and hoping you will update us on plans.
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ILs have United Healthcare Medicare with extras, which pays for way more than Medicaid does--and short answer is even that gold-plated plan does not pay for their home health care aides.

Your friend as it is is providing services worth $20 to $25/hour on the open market. Where I live a room rental is $1500, which translates into 2.5 hours of daily care. It's expensive here, but doing the math, you're not looking at more than 4, 5 hours of daily care per day because they moved in and you're paying the utilities.

Beyond this, you are counting on a non-relative to volunteer, as well as being there on-call for needs you might have. Which gets fractious even with relatives.

If you aren't in a short-term situation with them, please realize the balance between what realistically you are providing them via living expenses and what you yourself expect.

SIL goes over to ILs for 10 hours, five days a week. She gets paid an annual $65,000 for this. In addition, they have a nighttime/weekend aide who's paid $105,500. They pay their housekeepers $3,600/year and also SIL's share to watch them. Same with their gardeners.

This is over $200K/year, and this is what it costs to remain at home with 24/7 care for the two of them...and now that both their sons are working ft and not available...what is their plan?

"That's what the neighborhood is for." Like their friends' sons who are about 60 by now. Or maybe their 70 yo bestie--wait, he has a job. The market is just extremely thin for people to be there 24/7 or even on call to just "help" especially as needs increase. I can't imagine any of these "friends" will be of assistance on any regular basis.

This is the time to assess your own situation. If you can't pay a friend more than for the strict 2.5 hours and are relying on them to always "be there" then they are on call and that limits their life opportunities, more so as your needs increase.

Do you qualify for the 20 days of Medicare-covered assisted rehab? If so do that. If you have money to get into a AL that'll bump you to first in line if you do run out of it, then give serious thought to doing that as those are typically better environments. What I would not do is assume non-relatives and non-spouses/love interests would want to stick around forever.
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Health insurances don't usually don't pay for Caregivers. Some Medicare Advantages claim they do. You have to check with UH to see if they do. Medicaid u need to apply for thru your Social Service dept. You must fit the criteria. Not sure if they will pay your friend. They may supply their own aides.

Call your County Office of Aging and see what resources they provide or programs they are aware of.
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This question has been closed for answers.狗万2.0 .
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