Finally moved mom to a care facility. It was a monumental task. Between paperwork the doctor needed to fill out and transportation to move her was not sure we would get it done,

We gave the facility the contact but now they say they can’t find it and want a new one filled out with a new price. Well we already moved her and can’t picture moving her again. My brother is worried if we make to many waves they will kick her out. She is not in the position to pay for 24 hour help at home and neither my brothers or myself are able to care for her 24/7. She is totally bed ridden and can’t do one thing for herself.

This is the one time I didn’t make a copy of the contract before we returned it.

Has anyone had this happen?

Are there any email communications with contract negotiations?
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I am bumping you up. I will say though, always take a copy of anything you sign. I have even certified important papers I have mailed. By keeping copies I was able to prove I form was sent and signed. By sending the agency a copy of my copy, it was their word against mine. That form I did not certify but I did from then on. Meant the difference of not receiving any money and getting $2800.
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