Looking for help with my family whom took POA from mother who was already deemed Incapable of making own decisions. Some of them stole tens of thousands of dollars.& Still are. What do I do? I do not have the money for a lawyer. I've been to the court house looking for help. Ppl I've call countless organizations. No one cares.

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Our government system isn't working and no one is stopping these perpetrators from continuing the abuse of our parents. I, too, have tried to contact the police, adult protective services, state agencies, and even her doctor's office and no one has stopped the abuse of my mom. She doesn't realize what is happening because of her dementia. I wish we had a place where people like us can gather together for our parents and get the government to stop spending money on flyers, seminars, committees, and DO SOMETHING NOW!
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JoAnn29 is correct that no one "takes" PoA over is assigned by the person themselves when of sound mind. I'm sorry to say in your case the options are limited if you don't have the funds to shine a light on this. Your only recourse is to take it to a lawyer who will review what evidence you actually have and they will decide if the case is winnable or not.

Who "deemed" your mom incapacitated? A medical doctor, I hope. How do you know they "stole tens of thousands of dollars.& Still are"? This will need to be provable in court, not just heresay or "he said/she said" or from your mom (who has dementia therefore what she says is sketchy). Guardianship has been suggested but if you don't have the funds for a lawyer, you won't have the funds to pursue guardianship, either. I wish you peace in your heart over the truth and facts of what is going on in your family.
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Don't understand the "took POA" from Mom. Only Mom can assign a POA and that has to be while she is of sound mind. You can get guardianship but then the State is involved and the guardian reports to them.

Need more detailed info.
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